photoluminescent brick  for road pathway

photoluminescent brick tile for road pathway

photoluminescent brick


Appearance: Light-Green, square thick brick

Glow color:Yellow-Green,Blue-Green 

Thickness:about 26~28mm,

Weight:3~4 kg/piece



YADA Photoluminescent brick  also called glow in the dark  tile

with no radioactive component. 

After absorbing visual light, sunlight, lamp light, UV light etc, it can store the energy and give off light in dark. 

This process can be repeated for ever

The glow brick can be used for  building  , in swimming pool, bathroom,fishbowl, footpaths, gardens, rockeries, paths, terrazzo concrete, and driveways as an exposed aggregate, the glow brick also enhance safety by marking pathways in Low Light Level conditions.


1)Long afterglow time:Up to 12-24 hours;

2)High luminance:60-90mcd saquare metre after 60 min;

3)Wide excitation wavelength:200-450nm,any kind of visible light,such as sunlight, Lamp light,UV light,etc;

4)Recycle glowing time:More than 20 years;


6)Good water resistance effect.

Package:Inside:plastic bag;Out side:carton,box or Customerization

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