glow adhesive  tape sticker
glow adhesive  tape sticker
  • glow adhesive  tape sticker
  • glow adhesive  tape sticker
  • glow adhesive  tape sticker

YADA LUMINESCENT manufacturer glow adhesive tape sticker

High quality Self-adhesive sticker back side

Dampproof Double-sided plastic backing paper, No fold

Printable surface, waterproof and dirty-resistant

Non-toxi ,Non-radioactive Eco-friendly

Long after Glow Time 12 hours, 24hours even more

10 years used life outdoor,Ultra-low Daily Use Cost




1).YADA LUMINESCENT ® Photoluminescent Film(Photoluminescent Tape) is made by photoluminescent vinyl of film on the surface,and backside with self-adhesive paper,Non-toxic,radioactive free,environment,safety for human body.

2). It can be store the energy and release light in the dark place more than 12hours even for 48hours,YADA LUMINESCENT Photoluminescent Film after absorbing visual light in 5minutes.The Luminance after the passage time comply with the regulations of Standard ISO:17398 and Standard DIN 67510. The afterglow brightness reach 24hours >0.32mcd/m2 .

3).It Photoluminescent Film can be made in UV plate printing ,Screen print or computer engraving.It also can be made into variety of luminous labels and luminous pictures.This Photoluminescent Film with adhesive vackside can be printed by inkjet printing and UV printer.

4).  It Durability in the Interior for 7years, on external conditions for 5 years.

The  PMMA Acrylic Photoluminescent Film Durability in the Interior for 15years, on external conditions for 10-12 years.


1. This product is generally sucked for 10-15 minutes of light in the standard sources,can be giving out light and showing  10  12 hourscontinuously

2.Use life:3-5years

3. SGS report , non-toxicity, non-radioactivity.

4. Eco-friendly 

5.Super high initial brightness 

6.Long after glow time

Application: furniture decoration or put onto the surface of switch, telephone , handle, stationery, toy, sport article or indication in the public area, recreation ground 

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